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A Message From Founder Brent Payne

Take 9 minutes and watch this entire video. The end will make you want to join us....

For more than 26 years, Brent has helped tens of thousands remove limiting beliefs and generate more wealth than they ever dreamed possible. Your Time is NOW!

Embark on a transformative journey with VIM ,

where personal development meets a thriving community, a lucrative referral program and a complete "Done For You" business system. Discover, Grow, and Earn in a space where every step forward is celebrated, and every achievement is rewarded.

Do you find yourself Asking?

How do I live life to its full


Can I really have success

with no experience?

Is there really a system that will let me learn and earn as I go?

How do I best move forward when

I'm lacking self belief?

What makes this different from the other programs out there?

How do I know what the best business strategies are?

These are Questions we all have asked.

Where can you go to get the answers?



Brent Payne’s journey from a small-town boy in rural Missouri to a globally recognized entrepreneur and community builder is a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation and personal growth. His early days, marked by a passion for music and a rebellious spirit against conventional paths, set the stage for a life of extraordinary achievements.

At just 18, Brent’s talent as a drummer led him to tour the world with a rock band, an experience that expanded his horizons and deepened his appreciation for diverse cultures and human connections. However, seeking more than the life of a touring musician, Brent’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when he discovered the potential of direct sales.

Co-founding Liberty League International in 2001, Brent revolutionized the personal development industry, taking the company from zero to over $100M per year, creating a platform that empowered thousands to break free from unfulfilling jobs and pursue wealth and freedom. His leadership in organizing transformative events across the globe further cemented his reputation as a dynamic force in personal development.

Beyond Liberty League, Brent’s entrepreneurial journey continued to flourish. He founded Real Estate Worldwide, a successful real estate investment training company. And recently ventured into the longevity supplements industry, starting a company called RenovoVita, showcasing his versatility and acumen across diverse sectors.

Today, after Covid forced VIM to go on hold, Brent is excited about the relaunch of VIM. This platform is the culmination of his experiences and insights, offering a space for positive mental health, well-being, and prosperity. VIM represents Brent’s commitment to guiding others on their journeys to success, blending business acumen with personal enlightenment.

Brent Payne’s story is more than just a tale of success; it’s an inspiration, proving that with vision, risk-taking, and a bit of rebellion against the status quo, anyone can achieve their dreams.


People are drawn to VIM hoping to find a solution.

That’s perfect, because the great thing is, WE’RE OFFERING THE SOLUTION.

In today’s crazy world it’s becoming harder and harder to know who to trust or where to turn for advice and guidance.

VIM is a place where ANYTHING is possible. No Judgments, No Mandates, No Division. We believe we are all one and our core value is LOVE. Although tough love at times...

Perhaps this sounds a little like you? You picture in your mind, the best version of yourself. You crave special relationships and amazing life experiences. You’ve been searching, testing, working and striving but not yet grasping all you desire from your career or lifestyle. If that could be you, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s what VIM is all about! The end of the search. A place to call home.

We’re a jump start to a new career for a mobile generation. We’re a place to finally call home. VIM is the company that does it all. An education-first organization that is bigger than the sum of its parts. We call it “REAL LIFE TRAINING.”

We’re a community, a family, that is truly supportive when you require it most. A group that knows real growth happens, with step-by-step action plans, rather than broad concepts. A company that offers opportunity you can carry in your pocket—real, transformative income possibilities that can give you financial security for life.

But that’s just scratching the surface. The important thing is YOU FOUND IT.

Now what you do with it, is totally dependent on the next action you take.

Experience the VIM Difference

In a world of misinformation, VIM offers a sanctuary of truth and clarity. We’re not just about transformation; we’re about providing a safe, supportive space where you can connect, grow, and access the knowledge you deserve to thrive.



Dive into a vibrant, unified community that meets virtually and in person, providing a nurturing environment where every member is uplifted and celebrated.

Your Growth,


Engage with our intuitive platform, ensuring your personal development journey is accessible, personalized, and always progressing, wherever life takes you.

Robust Referral Program!

Unlock the potential of prosperity with our lucrative $1000 membership referral bonus, turning your recommendations into tangible rewards and contributing to your financial freedom. For each member you refer, you earn $1000.

Professional Growth, Amplified

Elevate your career and entrepreneurial ventures with expertly crafted training modules, propelling your professional path to new, unprecedented heights.

Secure Your Future

Learn not just to earn, but to amplify and secure your wealth, ensuring a future where financial stability and the freedom to retire on your terms is not just a dream, but a reality.

All-in-One Business Hub

With our proven marketing plans,

Done-For-You pages, emails, copy and more, this is a plug-n-play business system ANYONE can have success with.

Where it all starts, the VIM Community

Built on a robust social networking platform able to bring people together from all walks of life, the VIM Community platform is the hub for all things VIM.

The learning begins here, VIM Essential

Essential is your starting point. A one-week series to get you primed and reprogrammed for incredible transformation. It all starts with knowing what you truly want out of life. And then applying focus and discipline to tap into the enormous power you already have inside. Harness that force and it will lead you directly to your life you’ve always dreamed about.

$495 Value

Next, we have VIM Effect

This is a simple yet sophisticated daily approach to getting on track and staying there; short, easily digestible lessons with exercises that you can fit into your daily schedule. You will break poor habits and replace them with positive, satisfying and productive rituals that quickly program your mind for success and growth.

$1495 Value

Where it comes together, VIM Elite

With access to over 100 lessons from expert trainers, you’ll learn the 9 key factors to running a successful business, from money management to marketing.

$1995 Value

Followed by VIM Elevate

A more science based approach to personal development.

A 72 day program for total transformation!

$1495 Value

Live and in person, VIM Events

Our live events are second to none. With world class speakers, live music, and activities to stretch your thinking and help you grow to the next level.

Watch This Video About Our Events

VIM Success Stories

There is no better way to tell you about VIM than through the “VeryImportantMe” sucess stories of real VIM members.

The Vimmers featured in the videos below have compelling revelations about the support of the

VIM community and how VIM has helped them transform their lives.

Join the VIM community, today. Transform yourself, help people you know improve their lives and share in the

success of VIM members. You deserve all the health, prosperity, love and happiness you desire, don’tyou?

You have been selected to receive this exclusive invitation to get started in VIM.

How VIM Works: Inspire, Educate, Transform

With VIM, your evolution is not just celebrated but also becomes a catalyst for widespread change.

Here’s a snapshot of your enchanting journey through VIM:


Submerge yourself into the VIM community, where every story is a spark that lights up your path. The VIM app is your gateway to a world where every transformation becomes a beacon of possibility and potential. You will be inspired!


Where learning meets experience, the
VIM community is your classroom. Every member’s journey enhances your education, providing real-world insights and support. Regardless of the area of your life you're wanting to improve, you'll find exactly what you require right here!


Become a Beacon of Everlasting Change!

Your transformation with VIM is not just personal; it’s universal. As you evolve, your journey becomes a lighthouse, guiding others towards their own transformation, creating a perpetual wave of change that echoes through eternity. You have now become the inspiration.

Explore the VIM Experience

Dive into a world where personal development meets practical application. At VIM, our courses are not just lessons; they’re stepping stones to your transformation.

VIM Essential

Essential is your starting point — A one-week series to get you primed and reprogrammed for incredible transformation. It all starts with knowing what you truly want out of life.

VIM Effect

This is a simple, yet sophisticated daily approach to getting on track and staying there; short, easily digestible lessons with exercises that you can fit into your daily schedule.

VIM Elite

Achieve total and complete financial freedom with access to over 200 video, audio, and PDF lessons, you’ll learn from our expert trainers in VIM Elite.

Tools And Features All One Place.

Lead Manager

Unified Messaging

AI Chatbot

Reviews Widget

Reputation Manager

Mobile App

Outbound Calling

Marketing on steroids, the VIM Biz System

Our cutting edge Done-for-You sales and marketing system combines the best of todays leading software features to give you a robust platform to promote the VIM membership opportunity.

use our proven landing pages and websites, or You have the ability to transform the websites, marketing emails and all the rest into YOURS - all the way down to the colors, with simple drag-n-drop features! This used to take months or even years to figure out, and this new System has condensed the process into minutes for you.

VIM Biz System

Most-Used Features

CRM + Form Builder:

Comprehensive CRM + Form Builder solution designed to streamline your customer relationship management and data collection processes seamlessly.


Elevate your brand with Reviews, a powerful tool that amplifies your online presence and enhances customer trust. Gather valuable feedback, showcase positive experiences, and address concerns swiftly to foster transparency and credibility.


Engage visitors in real-time conversations, provide instant support, and capture leads effortlessly.

Email Marketing

Unlock the power of personalized communication to reach your audience directly in their inboxes. Craft compelling messages, nurture leads, and drive conversions with targeted campaigns tailored to your subscribers' interests and behaviors.

Meet Your Potentials Where They Are

Our platform empowers you to interact seamlessly across multiple channels, all-done-for-you, whether it's through social media, messaging apps, or email. With a customer-centric approach, you can deliver personalized experiences and provide prompt assistance, ensuring that your customers feel valued and supported throughout their journey. By meeting your customers where they are, you can build stronger relationships, boost satisfaction, and drive loyalty, ultimately growing your business in today's dynamic market landscape.

Become a VIM Member Today

For the Trailblazers, the Visionaries, and the Dreamers:

Step into a realm where every moment is an opportunity for growth, learning, and evolution.

Transparent Pricing,

Unmatched Value

One-Time Investment: $5480 $1995

Secure LifeTime Access to all existing and future courses and content.

• Unlock Premium Features and benefits for a lifetime.

Guaranteed Continuous Access to all platform updates and new content.

Relish Ongoing Participation in live events, webinars, and special programs.

Private Exclusive

Member-Only Podcasts

Engage with successful personalities sharing their transformative stories and secrets, only available to VIM members.

A Growing Library:

Access a continuously expanding array of courses and content, ensuring your growth journey is always fresh, relevant, and inspiring.

A Vibrant Community:

Join a network of changemakers, all on a mission toward personal and collective transformation.

Live Coaching:

Benefit from live sessions with experienced coaches, guiding you through your transformation journey.


Receive personalized guidance from mentors who have walked the path you’re embarking on.

Live Events:

Participate in exclusive events, connecting with a community that’s as invested in growth as you are.

Robust Business System:

Run your business from one platform instead of having multiple platforms and software packages.

Join the power of AI with a full featured CRM / marketing platform featuring automated workflows, down for you funnels and other business tools.

VIM is not just a platform; it’s a cycle of continuous growth and inspiration, where every member is both a student and a teacher, a seeker and a guide. Are you ready to become a part of something larger than yourself?

Still Not Ready??

Look, We Are Committed To Accelerating You Down Your Path And

Helping You Truly Live Your Dream Life.

You may feel like you're stuck in a rut… perhaps trapped in a dead-end job, or that you’ve tried everything and just can’t get ahead. Or maybe life is going "okay"… but you know you were put on this Earth to live a life of excellence. You're just not sure how to take your life from "good" to" great". Or perhaps you're successful in many areas of your life, but you're looking for balance or to take your game to the next level. We've been helping people just like you do exactly that!

Awesome platform. Brent Payne has an incredible way to help people achieve their goals.

- Quinton Carlin

"My family and I have had the pleasure to learn from, expand our awareness with, become life-long friends and create immense and successful businesses with Brent Payne over the last 17 years. Working with him now and bringing VIM to life is the next blessed step on this journey of life for us. This work, this expansion and growth has even assisted my son in exiting the special education system through his own work and goal achievement. That has always been one of Brent's specialties - empowering others to their greatness and he's doing it again here with VIM. And now with a powerful income opportunity attached, we earned $2,000 in our first week!”

- Dr. Rick Crawford

"Ground control to major Tom... VIM is the ultimate source for personal growth and achievement of well-being. Definitely the only platform that will assist you in becoming the greatest version of yourself!"

- Malachi Crawford

Still Have Questions?

We Have Answers

Who is Vim for?

People who want to make a profound difference in their life, as well as the lives of others.

What does membership include?

Your Vim membership allows you access to the Vim Community which is a social media style platform based around positive social interactions. There are over 500 lessons on topics ranging from personal development to business practices, investments, etc.

We will be having live events ranging from small, intimate gatherings to large, festival style happenings.

The VimBizSystem with everything included, mentioned above.

How much does it cost to join?

There is a one time, $1,995 cost to join the community and gain access to all of the resources.

How do I make money here?

Making money here is simple, simply share the community with other like minded people and invite them to join. With each new member you earn $1000 referral fee.

Recurring revenue will come when members you have referred decide to purchase event tickets or to participate in our other programs.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

The $1,995 membership fee does qualify as a business tax deduction. Also, subsequent fees paid for events or other offerings from VIM will be tax deductible as well.

We recommend you speak to a tax professional to verify as there are some exclusions in some instances.

We don't believe in "get rich" programs - only in hard work, adding value, building a real and professional career, and serving others with integrity.

About VIM Membership

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VIM is the clarity in a world of confusion. It’s the truth that propels you forward in life. VIM is about embracing your personal power with a clear and enlightened mind. It’s about discovering your true passion with a vibrant spirit. With VIM, you achieve your life goals, redefine your career, and strengthen your relationships. VIM is about breaking free from self-imposed limits and thriving in a community committed to your growth and authenticity.

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